A matter of perspective

Yesterday afternoon amidst the rain, we celebrated the completion of the latest JigsawModular project in Coombs with a very happy client, Diana.

Diana approached us with a brief that seemed unwelcome in the broader suburban ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to housing. She wanted a two bedroom place for her and her daughter to call home. It was to sit amongst an extensive permaculture garden. Her budget was modest but she was determined to invest in good quality design that would make the most of her budget and deliver an energy efficient, sun filled, beautiful home.

I had been working at Jigsaw less than a year, developing our Modular Housing approach. We had just completed our first modular home; an incredibly space efficient two-bedroom for a lady and her grand-daughter. We had fine-tuned this home so that we could repeat the design for the right client on the right block, for a significantly reduced design fee. Diana was thrilled. After talking to so many builders that had tried to talk her in to something she didn’t want, we had presented her with her ideal home in her first meeting with us.

Although the home was a repeat design, we were excited to tweak small elements to make it unique to Diana and Graca. We installed a ‘pellet heater’ in her lounge, built in a desk that her father made in the study nook, and agonised over how to use a piece of timber from Diana’s past (we ended up deciding on a dining table.) It was a delight to tailor such an efficient process to include the provenance that was so appreciated by Diana.

Happiness is a matter of perspective. For Diana and Graca, happiness was moving out of a tiny shoebox apartment in to a home that is large by comparison, suits their lifestyle perfectly, and will be a comfortable family home for them for many years to come. For me, happiness is being able to help wonderful people like this achieve their dreams.

- Sarah Lebner, Project Architect

This was a Jigsaw ‘modular’ project, click here for more information on our modular approach.

Above images: Architect Sarah Lebner with Diana and her daughter Graca, celebrating their new home.

Construction photos
Summer and Winter Solstace – sun study
Floor plan