Another JigsawModular home completed

As an architect, I’ve always said that the blocks with the most constraints lead to the most intriguing and beautiful homes. Claire came to us as a young first home builder with a taste for contrasting textures and natural materials. Her corner block had a considerable slope and north was towards her back corner (facing the views of the rolling Molonglo ridges).

The resulting home has three split levels; one level for housemates (or a typical kids wing), a central living space, and a master bedroom and study zone. This allows her home to function well for a group of young housemates as well as a typical family home. The stepped levels allowed for interesting features such as a kitchen window that shows feet walking past towards the entry, or a raked ceiling in the living area that matches the slope of the natural ground.

Claire’s creative talent means that this home is only partially complete at the end of our build. Claire and her parents will be building some of her own joinery, her deck, and installing an extensive productive garden. Claire also plans to engage a mural artist to paint a large wall to the deck, which will be viewed as a backdrop from the main living areas. As Claire’s architect, it was incredibly exciting to share a vision that her home would become a personalised piece of art.

We were delighted to learn that two of Claire’s neighbours were an architect and friend who designed similarly to Jigsaw’s own style. I feel that these three houses suggest an emerging Canberra suburban vernacular, appropriate to place, climate, and culture.

- Sarah Lebner, Project Architect

This was a Jigsaw ‘modular’ project, click here for more information on our modular approach.

Above images: Architect Sarah Lebner with client Claire enjoying her new home as the Jigsaw team admire the finished product.

Construction photos
3D perspective
3D perspective