Don't dismiss demand for small+smart

Last week’s Canberra Times article about smaller blocks and sustainable housing prompted one of our former clients to write a letter to the editor. We’re not sure whether it will be published, but thought you would be interested in reading about this person’s experiences when they began researching how to build a smaller, smarter home in Canberra:

Re: Australian Institute of Architects ACT Chapter president saying he thinks there is still a desire from purchasers for larger homes.

In my experience, as a single person wanting a home built, I felt I was constantly being pushed into the standard 3 bed/2 bath/double garage mould by builders I consulted, and if I said I only need ONE bathroom or ONE car space the immediate response was “But what about the re-sale value?” and no real alternative was on offer.

I struggled to find builders willing to actually listen to what I wanted, rather than trying to impose what they wanted to sell. Fortunately, I found Jigsaw Housing, who totally ‘got it’ and who built me a beautiful and functional ‘small’ house, also allowing me a decent size garden despite the small block size.

Plus, if you want to read about how real people of Canberra seem to value these smaller, smarter houses, read this.