Franklin sells at crowded auction

We are thrilled to announce that Jigsaw’s beloved, award winning, 8 star EER, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom (3 × 2) house on a 330 m 2 block in Franklin was sold, last night, at a hotly contested auction. With eleven registered bidders, and quite a crowd, there was plenty of tension in the air!

Bidding started at $500,000 – already $16,000 higher than the average market price for a 3 × 2 house on a block in the 330-370 m 2 range, in Franklin, over the last 2 years. (Keeping in mind that the living area of this house is just 135 m 2… though, anyone who ever visited the house found that very hard to believe. Great design results in spacious feeling and super functional spaces – check out the pics below.)

The house sold for a price 15.6% higher than past sales data (and therefore property valuers and banks) would suggests it should have. In fact, it sold for a price equal to the average price for a 4 × 2 house on a block in the 405-420 m 2 range (a 4 × 2 house that would typically have a floor area at least 50 m 2 bigger).

Everyone out there interested in small, smart, sustainable houses, take heart; as we have known all along, there is a healthy appetite in Canberra for superbly designed houses that are both space and energy efficient!

Excellent design (light, warmth, good social spaces and connection to the outdoors) plus great construction are the keys to a wonderful home not more rooms and increased floor area. Thermal performance modelling predicts that an 8 star design requires half the energy of a 6 star design for heating and cooling in Canberra’s climate. That’s a lot of money saved on energy bills, not to mention a very comfy and healthy home! Architect + Builder + Scientist – sermon concluded :-)