JigsawModular shines on Solar House Day

Yesterday, as part of the Institute of Architects’ Solar house day bus tour, Jigsaw Housing opened up a recently completed modular designed home in Forde — Stray Leaf House.

Although the clouds were out and sunshine limited, 40+ guests were thrilled to be able to experience the warmth and light of a Jigsaw home for themselves. As they walked, shoe-less, through the small yet spacious-feeling two bedroom home, people were noticeably surprised by the temperature of the northerly lit concrete floors – warmed solely by sunshine soaked up and stored from the little bit peaking through the clouds earlier in the morning.

Architect, Sarah Lebner, spoke to guests about the design process and Jigsaw’s modular approach. Home owners, Margaret and John, generously chatted with the guests and expressed their passion and enthusiasm for their energy efficient home. Scientist and Jigsaw Director, Jenny Edwards, happily answered questions on energy efficiency and about the numerous products Jigsaw recommend.

The bus tour visit to our much-loved Jigsaw home received some lovely feedback, with one guest mentioning: “Your house was possibly the nicest house I’ve been in, and I’ve been in a lot of houses! I love how it was a simple everyday house but just felt special and had that ‘lift’ to it.”

Domain magazine also featured the Stray Leaf House on the weekend promoting Solar House Day. Here is a link to the article; Canberra’s most sustainable homes on show for Solar House Day

Next week, Jigsaw’s Thorn Place House renovation will be included on the bus tour. For more information on attending, contact the Australian Institute of Architects here.