Jigsaw pieces & positive change

Tom, Andy and Jenny want to let everybody know that they have decided to make some changes to the business structure.

We are splitting into separate enterprises. All staff will remain employed and current clients will experience virtually no change. Architecture, Science and Construction will continue to collaborate and our philosophy – to simplify the sustainable design and building process to create comfortable, clever, energy-efficient homes – remains a shared ideal.

The integrated Jigsaw model (architecture + science + construction) has been highly effective. We filled a gap in the market and demand for our services has continued to grow steadily. However, this year we found that our tri-disciplinary structure and increased size was, in some ways, reducing our flexibility to respond to new opportunities or pursue personal interests.

We see the restructure as exciting and positive. It will enable a wider audience to access our science, design or build services: individually or in an integrated fashion.

  • Tom now runs 35 Degrees and specialises in energy efficient project homes.
  • Andy is establishing an enterprise called Think Make Enjoy.

Tom Henderson, Andrew Verri, Jenny Edwards