Prefabricated housing in Australia receives a boost

The University of Melbourne has received $4 million to fund a new Australian Research Council Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing in Prefabricated Housing. The centre is hoping to create a globally competitive prefabricated housing industry in Australia. It will explore innovation in design and new advanced building systems and materials, focusing on modular housing strategies and automated off-site construction and assembly techniques, while still maintaining variety and individuality in the Australian housing industry.

Australia’s construction industry is somewhat behind when it comes to prefabrication which is only in its infancy compared to countries in Europe, North America and Asia. The prefabricated building sector is a mere 3% in Australia, while in Sweden prefabricated modular housing makes up about 70% of its construction industry.

Here at Jigsaw we think this is a positive step forward for the Australian housing industry, as we should be aiming to deliver high quality, well-designed, affordable, sustainable housing more efficiently.

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