Soak up the sun

How much free energy from the sun did your house soak up on the shortest day of the year? This photo was taken today in our Franklin House-Office at 2:01 pm.

Many people don’t realise how perfect Canberra is for smart, solar design. All it takes is some basic building science, good design and quality construction to make a house that requires very little, if any, day-time heating during the Canberra winter.

Canberra is very sunny, with mean daily sunshine of 7.6 hours/day. In summer mean daily sunshine is around 9 hours/day dropping to around 5-6 hours/day in winter – Bureau of Meteorology.

Only Sydney and Brisbane have more winter sun than Canberra. Yes, we even beat Perth and Adelaide (and romp all over Melbourne and Hobart). See more info here.

Following are some images taken in Jigsaw houses today… feel the warmth and check out the happy dog at the end!

Franklin House at 12:00 – thermal image taken with infrared camera. The heat soaked up by the concrete floor is re-radiated into the home because the slab is insulated on the underside as well as the vertical edge. At midday the outside air temperature was 10.8 degrees and the internal temperature (measured in the central corridor of the house) was 19.5 degrees with no heating on.

Franklin House at 12:04 pm.

Jumping for joy at the Bywong House at 12:30 pm.

Thorn Place House at 11:17 am.

Ulysses House at 2:00 pm.

Cowper Street House at 12:30 pm.

Nelson House at 12:30 pm. That’s one happy puppy.

Barwell House at 1:30 pm.

Wonga Street House at 12:50 pm.