Sustainable Cities Awards: commendation & win

We were stoked to be announced as the runners up, and to receive a certificate of commendation, for our Thorn Place renovation in the Sustainable Residential Buildings category at the ACT Sustainable Cities awards presentation today. To top things off, before we could return to our seats, we were also announced as the winner of the category for the Jigsaw Modular Nelson House!

Hearty congratulations to all of the other entrants and winners in this year’s awards. The diversity and quality of projects in the sustainability space in Canberra is really encouraging.

Particularly big congrats to young entrepreneur Mitchell Pearce from Canberra Urban Honey. As well as winning the overall award, Canberra Urban Honey took home the Young Legends award. At the age of 18, Mitchell is a Director of The Canberra Urban Honey project and is Australia’s youngest commercial urban beekeeper. He has been pivotal in the Canberra Urban Honey’s success in increasing the number of bees in Canberra by creating micro-apiaries throughout our suburbs. This is helping to overcome the pollination problems associated with reduced bee numbers in Canberra.