Top 5 reno tips

If you are thinking of renovating, it is the perfect time to add energy efficiency measures to your home. Renovating is a significant investment of time and money so it is important to get it right. A smarter renovation will lead to a comfortable home and one that costs less to run.

Research by Sustainability Victoria highlights what is standard practice here for Jigsaw renovation projects, and with Victoria having a similar climate to Canberra, their advice is certainly worth a read if you are renovating or interested in renovating in the future.

Their research demonstrates that the top 5 regrets in renovation projects are inadequate insulation, air leakage, poor lighting, single glazed windows and poor design. Read the full article here and make the most out of your renovation.

Read more about tips on designing smarter renovations.

Our very own Jigsaw Director/Scientist, Jenny Edwards, worked with the ACT Government in 2013 on one of the first renovation case studies of its nature in Australia. This case study report has since prompted quite a few different initiatives in the ACt and generated interest around the country. View the full report.