Seven steps to an energy-efficient home

Stage 1 – initial consultation

We start with discussing your requirements, the scope of work and budget. We also help you develop your design brief – the document that records your needs, wishes, dislikes and ideas – so that we can tailor your project to suit you.

Stage 2 – concept design

Visiting your site to get a feel for features and surroundings, we discuss your brief in more detail. Then the initial creative design process begins. We present initial sketch drawings, capturing the elements requested in your project brief, and provide an estimate of the build cost, a construction timeline, and initial feedback on thermal performance.

Stage 3 – design development

We produce digital working drawings based on your response to the initial sketches, refining them according to your feedback. We also assess the design’s thermal performance, identifying where we can make improvements, and provide a cost estimate for construction.

Stage 4 – final design & development approval

With the design, thermal performance and budget on track, we finalise the working drawings and lodge documentation for development approval, if it’s required, with the relevant authority (e.g. private developer, ACTPLA, or NSW Council).

Stage 5 – construction documentation

At this stage, we produce detailed internal and external construction drawings, thermal performance documentation and consult an engineer to ensure the structural integrity of the building work.

We also complete the specifications and materials selections, design all internal elements such as joinery, lighting securing quotes for your consideration, so that we have an agreed and accurate lump sum figure prior to signing a building contract.

Stage 6 – lump sum quote, building contract and building approval

During this stage we may find that the quotes for your final, detailed specifications and selections vary from the initial allowances. You will have the opportunity to weigh up the exact costs and benefits of different options and be able to allocate your budget according to your personal preferences before signing a building contract.

We will also prepare all of the documentation required to lodge for Building Approval.

Stage 8 – construction

During this stage we can provide architectural support, construction management and scientific testing of the building envelope to ensure the thermal performance meets or exceeds the design target.