Creating your modular home

Our modular system makes solving your personal housing puzzle as easy as A + B + C. The Jigsaw design team will guide you through the process.

Select your modules

Start by considering what types of modules you want in your home, imagining which options suit your family and lifestyle best. Let us know what features are important to you and why. Here’s just a small selection of our living, sleeping and utility modules – browse our brochure for a greater range of options.

Match your brief to your block

Once you’ve chosen the modules you need, and considered your favourite variations, the Jigsaw team will configure them into a home to suit your lifestyle and your block. Here are just a few sample configurations (note these are not fully-developed designs – just examples to illustrate the potential and flexibility of the system). We’ve got a couple of brochures (here and here) with more combinations. Remember, we will always start by working out the best configuration to match your brief, your block and your budget. So don’t feel you have to choose a floor plan or piece the modules together yourself – our team of talented architects will do that for you.

As we refine the design, optimise thermal performance, and advise on the build, we may find that it makes sense to change rooms slightly, or use a variation of a module.

The Jigsaw design team will guide you through this process to ensure the most liveable, sustainable and affordable solution to your personal housing puzzle.